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Spring 2020 Kickoff Meeting - Key Action Items for 2020 Season

Here is a list of key action items for Weed Watchers, from the 2020 Weed Watch Patrol Kickoff Meeting:

  • Wear your vest when patrolling so that others will recognize what you are trying to do. Engage the public – they are receptive to what we are doing!

  • Know which zone you are going to patrol and know who is on your team for that zone.

  • Be familiar with the native plants that you commonly see in your zone and be able to recognize them. The Blog is a great new resource that includes a list of native plants in Conway Lake.

  • Study the potential invasive plants in NH and know about their look-alikes. https://www.des.nh.gov/organization/commissioner/pip/publications/wd/documents/frightful_ fourteen.pdf

  • Know the high-risk areas in and around your zone(s) – high traffic, neighbors’ boat launches, and fishing holes, and know how the shorelines in your zone are impacted by prevailing wind patterns.

  • If you see something questionable, record and mark the location: take a photo, mark your location with a float marker, and record your position with a note on your Zone map. Use the Solocator app to take the photo so that the lat/long appears on the photo. Contact either Maria or Don if you do not recognize a plant or animal you have found. We may decide to email to Amy Smagula.

  • Patrol your zones at least 1-2 times a month during the growth season, and more often if you can.

  • Post the results of your patrols on the Blog. For each outing, include date, description of area covered, and what you have seen, and include photos.

  • Promote the critical importance of, and ways to successfully, Clean, Drain and Dry all craft, equipment, and shoes.

  • Meet at least once this season with Maria or Don even if you have been doing this for a long time.

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