Even with the corona virus threat facing all of us this  year, the CLCA is committed to protecting our Lake from invasive plants and the harm they would do to our Lake if we were to relax and assume the boating public will not show up. We will not make that assumption and, coincidentally, the State of NH has asked us to maintain our Lake Host program and to start it earlier than usual to guard against folks seeking some early and perhaps excessive relaxation and escape.   And the Lake Hosts    are considered “essential” so they are free to work their normal duties while following social distancing guidelines.


Our dedicated Lake Hosts, led by Judy Capreralla, volunteered to again work inspecting boats at the town ramp, to start early in the year, and to operate in a safe manner to protect themselves and our visitors from the virus. The Program kicked off on the weekend of May  2nd, on a part time basis, and our Hosts will be present seven days a week, from before dawn until after dark, when the weather turns warm and the boaters show up.


In 2019 our Hosts identified and turned away two boaters whose boats and trailers had suspicious hitch-hikers on board. DES confirmed that the plant samples turned in were Eurasion Milfoil, a dangerous invasive and while not as prevalent as Variable Milfoil, could have been overlooked by less expert inspections.


In addition to guarding our Lake from infestations, our Hosts go beyond their job descriptions and help our visitors in a number of ways. Examples from the summer of 2019 include: Rescuing swimmers trapped by the open dam current, stopping an unwitting oil spill before it spread widely, and calming “lake rage” at the ramp that avoided possible weapons use.

Sheri Whitaker and Judy Capreralla 

Our awesome CLCA Lake Hosts!




Conway Lake Conservation Association introduced a new boat launch voluntary tagging program in May of 2018. The program was designed for all repeat users of Conway Lake. It is called the “Conway Cares” In & Out Boat Inspection Program.


This unique, first in New Hampshire pilot program, was designed to improve the Lake Host efficiency at the Conway Lake boat launch site located on Mill Street. It was also introduced to help with the ongoing education of the public about the dangers of “Aquatic Hitchhikers” like Milfoil and other invasive species.

Here is an overview of how this new voluntary pilot program worked:

After normal Lake Host inspection prior to launching, boaters with trailered boats were asked if they want to register and join the new “Conway Cares” In & Out boat inspection program.

If they want to participate they receive a “Conway Cares” decal to go on their boat and when they pull their boat out of the Lake with the decal on their boat, the Lake Host then attaches a secure wire seal from the boat to the trailer.


When the Boat returns to Conway Lake in the future, with the secure wire seal in place, it indicates that the boat has not been in any other Lake. The wire seal is then cut, removed and the boat goes right into Conway Lake with no additional Lake Host inspection required.


The program applied to trailered boats only and did not apply to Canoes and Kayaks which still had to undergo normal Lake Host Inspection every time they launch on Conway Lake.


This new program ran from Memorial Day thru Columbus Day weekend.


Overall Conway Lake Host Inspection results:

                                                     2018      2017      Variance

 Total Watercraft Inspected              4,419    4,559      <3.2%>
                 Trailered Boats               2,157   2,013       + 9.2%
                 Canoes & Kayaks            2,261   2,489      <10%>
                 New Tagging Members       100      N/A
                 Tagging Visits recorded   * 345      N/A


                             *included in the total of 4,419


For more information contact:

Conway Lake Conservation Association – Rick Blank at Rick@rickrobin.com or

Senior Lake Host – Judy Capreralla at Capreralla@Gmail.com

Conway Lake Conservation Association Board Officers


Kin Earle: President

Eric Tambor: Secretary

Sumner Jones: Treasurer

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