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Aquatic Invasive Species Patrol Maps

The Conway Lake shoreline has been divided into 17 Zones for the purpose of assigning different parts of the lake to AIS Patrol members. Detailed satellite maps of each zone with a grid overlay are available below. The grids on the maps are intended to help identify those areas that are shallow enough to view plants and as an aid for you to record which areas have been checked, or to communicate the location of interesting or suspicious plants.  The maps also show the extent of the littoral zone in Conway Lake.  The littoral zone is the nearshore area of a lake where light light penetration to the bottom is sufficient to support photosynthesis and aquatic plant growth.  For lakes in this region that corresponds to water depth less than 15 feet.  

Click on index map to view the entire lake if you are not sure of the area you wish to survey. Once you find the shoreline area(s) you plan to survey, click on the map number in the list below to view it. The Zone maps are scaled to fit standard letter size paper (8.5 x 11) if you want to print one out. 


Summary Maps of Completed AIS Patrols - End of Season:

These maps show the areas covered by AIS Patrol over the course of the growing season (June - late September).


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