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Updated: Jul 25

The Blog contains the following folders where you can find useful tools and information:

Patrols – This is where, as a patroller, you can post your survey reports and any plant or animal photos you found of interest or have questions about. This is the folder where the patrol can problem-solve and help one another.

Plants – Includes descriptions and photos of native NH aquatic plants, many of which have been identified in Conway Lake.

Animals – Includes descriptions and photos of native NH aquatic animals found in Conway Lake.

Invasives – Includes descriptions and photos to help identify invasive (exotic) aquatic plants and animals that COULD find their way to our lake.

Look Alikes - Some of the aquatic plants you may encounter have look-alikes that can make identification more challenging. This folder contains sheets that illustrate many of these and provide tips to help you differentiate them.

The following two folders may occur under a “More” drop-down:

Maps – This folder includes a variety of useful maps. There are 17 weed patrol zones on the lake and each has its own map with a numerical location grid. These can be used to plot your patrol surveys and to mark the locations of any aquatic species that you need help identifying. In addition, please remember to include your GPS photo of those locations in case DES needs to be notified. The folder also contains detailed topographic and satellite maps with that can be used for general navigation and a map of the Conway Lake Watershed that is useful in water quality studies of the Lake.

Library - Find links to useful aquatic plant guidebooks, webinar videos from both NH’s DES and the Lake Stewards of Maine on such topics as how to effectively patrol as a weed water, the influence of a warming climate on New England lakes, and a discussion on filamentous algae. Check this folder often to see what’s new.

How To - Quick guides and instructions for a variety of topics.

If you have a question, would like more information on the Weed Watcher Patrol Program, or would like to report something you’ve seen, please drop a note to:

Maria Gross (maria.m.gross@gmail.com)



Don Yurewicz (dyurewicz@gmail.com)


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