Photo courtesy of Don Yurewicz


Guides to Aquatic Plants and Invertebrates:

Quick Guide to Native Aquatic Plants and Invertebrates in Conway Lake - These sheets were produced by CLCA volunteers and provide photographs and key identification features of the aquatic plants and invertebrate animals in Conway Lake. If you print and laminate them they are a useful guide to take along with you on the lake.

Quick Guide to Invasive Aquatic Plants and Invertebrates in New Hampshire - These  sheets were produced by CLCA volunteers and provide photos and short descriptions of invasive aquatic plants and animals that are most likely to spread to Conway Lake from nearby infested bodies of water.

Quick Guide to Similar Looking Native and Invasive Aquatic Plants - Some of the aquatic plants you may encounter have lookalikes that can make identification more challenging. The attached sheets illustrate many of these and provide tips to help you differentiate them.

Aquatic Plants and Algae of New Hampshire's Lakes and Ponds - this is a link to a digital copy of the guide to aquatic plants and algae in NH by Amy P. Smagula and, Jody N. Connor and published by the NH Department of Environmental Science.

Maine Field Guide to Invasive Aquatic Plants - an excellent field guide to invasive aquatic plants with photographs and descriptions.

Wisconsin Aquatic Invasive Species Early Detector Handbook - another excellent field guide to aquatic invasive plants and animals photos and concise descriptions.

AIS Infestation Protocol:

The attached document outlines steps to be taken in the event that an invasive species (plant or animal), or a cyanobacteria bloom, should occur in Conway Lake.  Click Here


Boat Inspections:

A guide to conducting courtesy boat inspections that check for possible invasive plants or animals that could be inadvertently be carried from an infested body of water.

2021 State of Maine Courtesy Boat Inspector Handbook