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Its Spring, and Summer is Around the Corner, so it’s time to Renew our Commitment to Protect Conway Lake from Invasive Species and Pollution !


We are fortunate to have the pristine environment of Conway Lake for swimming, boating, fishing, and other recreation. Many other New Hampshire and other New England lakes are not so lucky and aquatic invasive weeds have established a foothold resulting in choked waterways that prevent swimming, foul fishing lines, and create unpleasant recreational conditions.


The smallest fragment or seed of an invasive plant can easily hitch a ride on ANY sort of vehicle and watercraft. It is critical that any watercraft that has been to another water body be properly cleaned, drained and dried before putting into Conway Lake (see the posters on this page).


If you suspect that you have found an exotic species, you can call either of Conway lake’s AIS Patrol coordinators, (Aquatic Invasive Species) Maria Gross at 603-447-6068 or 603-491-3107 or Don Yurewicz at 713-253-1211.  You can also take a small sample of what concerns you down to the Lake Host at the Center Conway boat launch. They would be happy to look at it and they are trained to recognize invasive species.

Please print the signs to the left and post in your homes for guests or renters.


Thank you!    

Conway Lake Conservation Association

Updates to Parking at the Town Beach

Conway Selectman voted on March 23 to restrict parking  across from the public beach on Conway Lake to residents, vacation homeowners, and renters with parking stickers.  No trailers will be permitted in the parking area.  Vehicles and trailers will be allowed to park along Mill Street.  Enforcement is expected to begin around Memorial Day, 2021.

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