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South Cove, Zones #10 + 11, patrolled grids of eastern shore only

July 6, 2020

I spent a good 2 hours slowly zigzagging across these sections. It was an amazing exhibition of new native plant growth. Check it out!

I was impressed seeing:

· Groups of Bladderworts of all heights, short and almost 3ft long stems, and of both types (utricularia vulgaris and utricularia intermedia.) Where there was new growth would be bright green wispy “caps” at the top of every plant.

· Tangled Native waterweeds (Elodea nuttalii), some with a single teeny spring flower

· Tape-grass of every length

· “Fields” of Water Naiads (the species called Najas flexilis)

· Floating hearts of every size

· Water Lilies, white and yellow

· Filamentous Algae in clumps of many shapes and sizes

· A wide variety of pondweeds. (Visit page 57 of Aquatic Plant and Algae)

o Some are very thin and grass like

o Some are mostly submerged but have small floating leaves that extend

up and float on the water’s surface (P. epihydrus)

o Some are submerged with long reddish flat blades (P. natans) and many

had a single fruit.

Bladderwart (Utricula Vulgaris)

Waterweed (Elodea nuttalii) Tape grass, F.Algae, Floating hearts

Pondweed (Potamogeton epihydus)

F. Algae, Waterweed (Elodea Nuttalii)+cross-section to further its ID and a Water Naiad (Najas flexilis) .... A penny was included for scale

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