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Patrols to Report

#1 During the week of July 25th I patrolled Penacook Cove, covering Zone 12 and only a touch of 13. It all looked good with a really solid growth of Bladderwort on the bottom of the cove. It will be amazing to see by the end of the season!

In particular: I zigzagged zone 12 from grid 565 to 806. Then stuck to the east shore because of sun availability from #847,887,927,967 into #968 then out to #969.

Lastly, I ended the patrol with grid #1008 of zone 13.

#2 During that same week of July 25th I patrolled some of zone 15. Again the growth looked healthy with plants I recognized along with one beautiful selection of every color Water lily! I got to compare their individual characteristics, one right next to the other. Very cool to do.

I found I shared that space with a very quiet and impressively large flock of Canadian geese all roosting on huge rocks just on the water’s edge by the mouth of the cove. They were watching.

In particular, I started on grid #2293 and then did the entirety of Duck Cove, came out and continued with a zigzag along 2252 through 2175 on the southern coast of Picnic Island Cove. All the growth I saw was of no worry.

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