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Nice Solo Patrol on Labor Day morning

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

It's striking to experience the harbinger of fall weather on an early morning solo patrol. Lake was empty except a few fishermen and a young family exploring Picnic Island. I explored the same 2-mile route according to my Endomondo app (nice way to document where you went IMHO) as from my Aug 03 Blog post.

Also reassuring to see almost all the same plant life on my own that I saw with Maria last time. I looked at a few small stray roots in my water tray but nothing suspicious. Water was still with good sunlight until the very end when the wind picked up. Nice way to cap off the 'unofficial' end of summer.

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Don Yurewicz
Don Yurewicz
Sep 13, 2020

Thanks for the update Jim. I also like your suggestion to use an app like Endomondo to track your course on the lake. I have a similar app and will try it out the next time I paddle. This is a good suggestions for others out on the lake - we'll bring it up at the roundup meeting.

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