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Massive carpet of Aquatic moss

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

July 25

Zone 15, grids 1975 into the NW corner of 1976

Neat discovery: Steve and I came across an unassuming but massive area of Aquatic moss (aka Fontinalis antipyretica) along this zone’s shoreline. As we approached I noticed it to be a really thick carpet of growth, of a dark musky color, and held a low profile against the lake’s floor. First impression was that we found a large area of Bladderwort. Then I realized that it was something totally different. Reaching into the mass for a specimen I pulled out something that felt coarse and matted—not at all the Bladderwort’s soft and feathery texture.

Amy confirmed that there should be no worry to have found such a large thick collection of it. Steve confirmed by dipping his oar into it and found we had about 3ft of it below us, to the right and left.) An eerie and very cool find.

Fontinalis is something that I posted about last season (2019) and then earlier this season. Both times I found it in zone 7, grid 1834, close to the shore in at least a foot or two of water, and adhered to rocks with tenacious rhizomes.

Internet surfing provided these additional highlights: it is a perennial, grows very slowly, provides refuge for fish eggs and minnows. Found to absorb cadmium and zinc.

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