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Disturbing News

Disturbing news from Judy at the boat launch by Conway beach. Early morning last week (~8/22/23) a boat with Vermont plates drove up to put-in and then seemed hesitant (actually, Judy felt was more like avoidance) to do so when she inquired if he had wanted to stay and visit the lake. He came forward and after she inspected his boat and trailer successfully (with no finds) he did launch and was gone for the rest of the day. At that point Judy resumed walking her laps by the beach area and cast her eye over the trailer (as is her habit) belonging to the Vermont owner and lo! She found a small bit of a green plant. It had been invisible to her earlier when the boat had been on top of it. She sent it in to Amy and found that it was EUROASIAN MILFOIL.

Cliff has been advised and has since done a full search of the channel for any more floating bits. He found nothing. It is hard to know if the boat had anything more to drop into the water, and where that might have happened, but Cliff suggested that it might take the rest of this season and into 2024’s season for the growth to be visible to us.

The boat was identified as originating from a lake in Vermont (Lake Bomoseen) that does have a Eurasian Milfoil infestation. When asked, the boat owner was aware of that situation but felt secure with the inspections of his boat by his lake hosts (?) …. Then why, Judy asks, did he behave in such a furtive manner.

See the link for more info:

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Aug 27, 2023

Do you know if Judy took a picture of the boat from Vermont?

Aug 28, 2023
Replying to

Wendy was on duty when the boat returned and spoke to the owner. She informed him about the find and that it appeared to be an invasive plant (to be sent in and confirmed.) Her next steps were to record the boat owner’s name, lake of origin, and boat’s license number. Not sure if a photo was taken. Interesting question.

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