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Zone 5 & 6

I have been remiss in sharing any posts. I apologize to the group. Richie and I have been diligent in our trips along the shore line over the course of the summer. Sometimes visiting other coves around the lake. We are blessed to call this home.

Our adventures of discovery did not present us with anything invasive. There were a plethora of water lilies this year. The usual suspects of bladderwort, pipewort, water naiad, pickerel, just to name a few.

Admittedly it was a hard season for weed watching. The rain and winds offered its challenges. But as they say, "When the sun shines, make hay." Richie and I would cease these moments, and run down to the lake, man our kayaks while paying due diligence to whatever grows around the shoreline.

Wishing everyone a smooth transition into fall. Christie & Richie


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