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Zone 15 and Zone 16 patrol report and new patroller tutorial; August 3rd.

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Maria kindly joined Kathy S and me on my first 'formal' patrol along our property to Picnic Island Cove.

The patrol started in Zone 16 at Fisher Point (Grid 2576) We patrolled south along the entire coastline around and Picnic Island Cove ending halfway through Zone 15 (grid 2175). Then we headed back north around the small rocky islands and Picnic Island. The wind picked up and made some viewing of the lake's floor difficult. Kathy and I did a bit more on our own thru grid 2595.

Armed with Maria's eagle eye, we saw a nice variety of pickerelweed, pipewort, bladderworts, bur-reeds, many grasses and sedges including three-way sedge, water lilies, water shields, and floating hearts. Maria also pointed out some bright green native water naiads next to some pondweeds (see her picture from her Aug 1st post) and a water nymph (?!) … Aka the red water mite?

Also, Maria pointed out some tiny bubbles of grey-green filamentous algae coating some very small plant standing in a cluster in the swallow cove behind Picnic Island. She wondered what the new plant species was. Also noted a few free-floating filamentous algae in odd 1-2" dark grey "jellyfish" they created a ghostlike appearance around the neighboring plants.

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