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Zone 1, really getting down to Business

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

On 8/9/20 Don Yurewicz and Theresa Einhorn took Dean Malouta, Rose Hache and Lexi Malouta for several hour detailed tour of Dolloff Cove. Don gave us instruction on common weed names, identifications etc. We patrolled most of Dolloff Cove and the peninsula. Specifically zones 3402, 3403, 3404, 3405, 3363, 3364, 3322, 3323, 3281, 3282, 3241, 3242, 3243, 3244, 3245, 3246, 3247, 3248, 3249, 3250, 3251, 3208, 3210, 3211, 3288, 3289, 3290, and 3291. This was a very thorough patrol of these areas and we are pleased to report with 5 pairs of eyes, no suspicious activity.

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