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Season’s maiden voyage over Zone 7

 I launched out this early in the season to try Don’s new patrol mapping tool and realized I didn’t have it right on July 3rdfor half of the patrol but nailed it on the second half done on July 4th.

The growth this season is still slow to pick up, but we will begin to see it appear in a matter of a week or so.  The Deans’ cove was underwhelming as were the rocky islands on either side of Gull Rock. Found emerging tufts of Aquatic moss along the shore from grids 198-204. Then, I tucked into Wiley Brook inlet, and found an abundance of water lilies and a lot of Water naiad—but which one—Native or Spiny?!

I pokeed my hand throughout the areas of growth to see if I could feel for anything remotely prickly which might indicate the invasive, Spiny water naiad.  In addition, I pinched off multiple specimens and found none to have the serrated edges around the leaves.

Thank goodness.


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