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Pennacook’s Bryozoans are multiplying.

Updated: May 5, 2021

Pennacook, zone12 and bottom of zone 13

Sept 12, 18 and 20th

Over several days, whenever the wind was calm, I almost managed to finish patrolling this zone from where Kathy ended her survey. Generally, there was nothing worrisome to report along both the eastern and western shorelines. The changing wind did make it difficult to consistently see into the deeper middle sections of Pennacook.

The area surveyed in zone 13 included grids 1047 and 1050. Nothing unusual was seen to report.

To note, at the southern end (grids 565 and 566) was a heavy blanket of Bladderwort on the bottom and a good deal of native Water Marigold that laid its long 1.5-2ft lengths on top.

On the eastern shoreline I found 5 different Bryozoans of various sizes growing on the same submerged tree in grid 686. A few years ago, along the western shoreline, I had found one large Bryozoan on an another large submerged tree in grid 565 and I was pleased to see that it was still there and larger.

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