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New Tool for my Patrol Bag

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

My arms are never long enough when I want to snag a plant in the water so today I brought along this grab stick that I had sitting in the house. It worked great so I'm bringing it on all my future patrols.

As noted by Maria in her comment below, it is always important when collecting a sample to be careful and get a clean cut - you don't want numerous small pieces breaking off. If it is an invasive species you could inadvertently help it to spread.

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Jul 19, 2020

That is so cool! And, most importantly, I am happy that it works.

I am currently trying out an extendable back metal scratcher with a "rake," hoping that I can figure out a gentle technique to snag the top of the plant in question. Once I have done that I will post it.

The one (big) worry I have is that IF THE PLANT IS AN INVASIVE then I may throw off seeds or fragments into the water during the "snagging."

Note to everyone: If and when you do want to rake in a plant then be sure to carry a small net to capture those fragments that might begin to float about.

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