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Fisher Point down to and around Ship Island

Happy Summer all. We have been enjoying summer "by the hour" this year. Trying to appreciate all the weather changes! This is a summary of a few outings this week.

I've been patrolling on the stand-up paddleboard this year which has allowed me in very close to the shoreline.

Not much algae this year but a nice variety of native plants. Abundant bladderwort and foot-wide lily pads in the cove just north of Ship Island. I hadn't seen Maria's last post (just had to renew my subscription!) but called her today after finding the same (large black clumps) and my close-up view looked the same so no worries thanks to her confirmation. Minnows Cove behind Picnic Island has more three-way sedges than in past years. Abundant pipewort and blooming pickerelweed with few flowers eaten yet. Nothing unusual down under water level just the bladderwort and some newly growing grasses.

Until next time, see you on the lake!

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