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Completed patrol of Pennacook Cove

Maria and I spent yesterday afternoon (Sept. 17) checking Zone 12 in Pennacook Cove. There is dense plant growth but no invasives were spotted. The cove is dominated by of bladderworts (purple, common and and flat-leaf bladderwort) but we also noted water marigold, native elodea, water naiad, waterweed, floating pondweed, ribbon pondweed, native water-milfoil, grassy spike rush, water lilies, and a fresh-water bryozoan colony. We also noted small gelatinous masses which have been identified in previous years as a type of cyanobacteria (is nontoxic and does not form blooms so is not a health concern).

Purple bladderwort and Rivularia (green semi-transparent gelatinous masses attached to the bladderwort.

Purple bladderwort and grassy spike rush (aka sterile thread-like leaf - a submerged sterile version of the emergent spike rush plant).

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