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7.14.23. Zone 7 Looking Pretty

At last! I had the time on Friday, the sun came out, and the wind was tame. All of zone 7 has been patrolled and I found it looking clean and pretty. Deans’ Cove had the familiar native vegetation that is just beginning to get thick — a lot of patches yet to be filled. Fields of Pipeworts! Something interesting to find at this time of year were multiple deep green clouds of Filamentous algae from very small to about 12” across in diameter, just hanging beneath the surface by several inches. They looked so mysterious and unsettling, just hanging there. (Of course, there was plenty wrapped around plant stems as well.) Marble and Gull Rocks were clean of any vegetation; Wiley Cove was tight with more emergent vegetation than submergent… but the latter will come in due time!

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