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Zone 3 has now been covered from top to bottom

I paddled through the northern half of Zone 3 today, from the beach to the south side of Paige Brook, and all portions of the Channel and and Paige Brook have now been checked at least once over the course of the summer. There was nothing suspicious but I saw lots of bladderwort - it seems to be the summer of bladderwort. I also saw minor amounts of water marigold, native naiad and water weed, but they seem to be much reduced compared to earlier in the summer. Thanks to everyone who has patrolled this area - its a prime area of concern given the number of boats that go through here.

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1 Comment

Sep 21, 2023

I'm so relieved to know you are looking too. I know all of us looking in this zone are pleased as well. There is a lot of traffic in zone 3 and lots of fun "stuff" to check out. So far so good. The entertainment of the many boats and jet skis is never ending.

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