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Zone 16 report

My survey last weekend of Zone 16 from the sound end of Picnic Island Cove to the north ending in Zone 146/141 was noteworthy for two things.

  1. Similar types of growth as last time just with more exuberant bladderwort coating much of the bottoms of the coves.

  2. ~15-foot diameter area of small orange pellet-like objects (2-5 per square foot) the size of a nail-head floating around down near the bladderwort. I had some guesses but wanted to check with Maria since I wasn't sure what this was. There was nothing that jumped to mind for Maria. I apologize but due to the size and location, I couldn't get a good sample or clear pic. By the time I went back a couple of days later they were completely gone which to me all suggest a fisherman's bait.

I'm no fisherman so please others please feel free to comment. I found something similar to what I saw for sale so take a look to see if fish bait seems plausible.

Sorry again that I couldn't capture a clear picture.


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