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  • Tim Keith

Paige Brook - Bladderworts Blooming

August 6 -

Patrolled Paige Brook from our house SE to the end (grids 3674, 3635. 3595, 3556, 3555, 3594, 3634, 3663, 3673). Lots of bladderwort, pondweed, and thread grass (sterile thread-like leaf) although not as thick as in previous years. Some of the Purple Bladderwort had small purple flowers (see photo). Also saw a Floating Bladderwort yellow flower above the "float" of leaves on the top of the water. Found a very dense patch of naiad from which I checked several cuttings with a magnifying glass to make sure there were no serrated edges. All looked AOK. Lastly there was quite a bit of filamentous green algae towards the end of the brook.

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