• Tim Keith

Native milfoil in Paige Brook

Did my first patrol of the season yesterday (7/8/22) and covered the eastern half of Paige Brook (grids 3555, 3556, 3595, 3594,3635, 3634, 3633). There was a lot of aquatic vegetation growing including White and Yellow Water Lillies, Bladderwort, Floating Hearts, Spiral and Ribbon Pond Weed, Floating Bur Reed, and Pickerel Weed. While floating along just before calling it a morning, a small piece of what looked like Native Milfoil floated near the kayak. After cutting the stem and looking at the structure of the leaves (feather-divided) and their arrangement (2 opposite leaves per node) along with the reddish stem I was fairly confident it was Native Milfoil but sent photos to Don Y. for confirmation. And yes it was Native Milfoil (photos below)!

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