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Name That Weed

We ambled our way across the lake from zone 6 to zone 12 (Pentacook Cove). Upon entry to this long finger of water I wondered if we should have let someone know where we were going. It is quite removed from the hustle and bustle of water crafts and lake homes. But all is well, and a few deer fly bites later, we came, we went, and we saw.

I admit, we forgot our "gear". I had the book of species and the zones of the lake. So here I share in hopes of identification, as we could not quite figure out what this plant (pictured, not the one of Richie) might be. We did rule out that it is not invasive....I hope. Thanks to the kindness of Gitch (Ann) Whalen and her brother Charlie we have ease of access to the lake. We are most appreciative of their willingness to share their patch of grass. Cheers to all and we hope to see you out and about.

Christie & Richie

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