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  • Tim Keith

Naiad and Water Marigold in Paige Brook

Patrolled the western half of Paige Brook this morning (Zone 3, grids 21,22,23,27,28,29,32,33,34,38). The aquatic vegetation in quite abundant with lots of grassy spike rush, bladderwort, and pondweed.

Observed a fairly large patch of Native water naiad (which has been there for several years) near the shore in grid 34. Took multiple cuttings throughout the patch and checked the leaves carefully with a magnifier for serrations but fortunately, none observed. Note the two different plant colors in photo 1 below.

I also found a patch of Water marigold near the border of grids 33 and 34. This too, has been there for several years. I am always concerned when I see it as it has a much more "robust" appearance than the other native plants that I normally see and has a bottle brush appearance when viewed in the water from above. See photo 2 below for a view out of the water.

Native Naiad

Water Marigold

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