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First lap of 2024: Zones 8, 9, 12, 13, 14

Got out twice this week to see what's growing along the mid-lake shoreline and also Pennacook Cove, once by SUP and once by Kayak. I haven't yet installed the Avenza tracker so don't have that cool feature to share, but will do!

Happily, what I saw was "the usual" for this time of year - nothing of concern.

On the fun side:

  • the first several white water lillies do seem to be popping this week

  • the loons or ducks or both have been BUSY chomping all the Pickerlweek flowers and leaves in Pennacook - a loon pair was busy fishing for their breakfast for a good 20 minutes of our visit to the Cove today. I did fine a stand still in flower near to our property and snapped the photo below.

  • outside my zones, but we did paddle up as far as the Thorne islands to catch a glimpse of the loon nest (from afar!) ... we were just a day early for the reported chick hatch but did see a parent carefully nurturing its egg.

  • between Sandy Beach and the Thorne islands is a whole farm of freshwater mussels... didn't harvest any, don't worry, but they are abundant over in that shallow area. (middle section of Zone 6)

And we're off!

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