• Don Yurewicz

Native Water Naiad (Najas flexilis)

This submerged plant has been spotted in Dolloff Cove, South Cove, and Paige Brook by members of the Weed Patrol. It is characterized by tufts of leaves originating off a central stem. Leaves may occur in opposite pairs and/or whorls along the stem and be clumped into delicate sprays at the stem tips. The leaves are slender (1 to 4 cm long), linear, serrated (actually spined) along their margins, and sharply pointed at the tip. May be confused with slender pondweed.

Exotic Water Naiad (Najas minor) is distinguishable from native water naiad by its thicker and broader leaves with serrated edge.

Native Water Naiad spotted by Tim Keith in Paige Brook

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