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  • Kathy Siranosian

Pennacook Cove

Late in the day on August 27, I took the paddleboard to Zones 12 and 13. First I surveyed Zone 12, grids 646, 605, 606, 565, 566, 525. Then, I surveyed a portion north of what I had covered earlier in this month. Beginning at grids 804-7 (Zone 12), I worked northward to 1007-1010 (Zone 13). Nothing unusual to report.

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29 ago 2021

Kathy! You are on a roll! Thanks for posting. Pennacook is so important to be on our watch. In So Cove, 2 days ago, Christie and I found a number of large blobs of Orphrydium either floating freely or attached to submerged branches. We also found different Freshwater sponges with protruding branches this time. Weird and cool. I will post the patrol w/photos today as soon as I can. But I am wondering if Pennacook cove might have anything like that too.

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