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following up on meeting of 10/7

just following up on discussion of possible 'no wake' areas on the lake. As I mentioned, when not on Conway Lake, I live on the North River, in Marshfield, MA. The river is protected under MA state law and The North and South River Watershed Association is one of two organizations that exist to monitor, protect and improve the watershed (the other being the North River Commission, which is created under state law). Among other things, members of the NSWRA that live on the river have posted 'no wake' signs on all docks on the river to remind boaters of the requirement for 'no wake', and to remind boaters of why they must go wakes cause damage to the river banks. There may be some narrow areas and other sensitive zones on Conway Lake that might also benefit from 'no wake' rules. The other question that came up was 'how big is the north river'? the best way to get that info is google maps or wikipedia, but I am attaching a copy of the 'no wake' signs we use, as well as a picture of the river from the end of my dock. I hope that helps! Tim

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18. Okt. 2023

Thanks Tim for the photo. I will design a prototype for the lake's different areas and present it to the CLCA board.


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