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After the rain - Photo courtesy of Don Yurewicz

Conway Lake Conservation Association

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Lake Host Program - The most important activity we support is the Lake Host Program, inspecting boats and trailers for invasive plants/animals before entering the Lake via the public boat launch.  It is the key to keeping Conway Lake free of invasive species and is the CLCA’s largest annual cost.  Learn more here.


Aquatic Invasive Species Patrol (AIS) – The AIS patrol is a group of volunteers who monitor Conway Lake checking for the presence of invasive plants and animals.  Early detection is critical to successfully managing an infestation should one occur.  We also monitor the lake for Cyanobacteria which can be a health hazard to humans, pets, and wildlife. Learn more here.  You can also learn more about us on the AIS Patrol Blog where we post the results of our patrols on the lake.


Loon Conservation – Common Loons are a threatened species in New Hampshire and are protected under state laws and the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act. CLCA volunteers work in conjunction with the Loon Preservation Committee (LPC) to protect and monitor loons on Conway Lake.  Learn more here.




Water Quality Testing - Measuring water quality is essential in assessing and tracking the health of the lake.  The CLCA volunteers collect lake and stream samples  over the course of the spring, summer and fall.  These samples are then analyzed by the UNH Lake Monitoring Program for clarity and nutrients and reported back to CLCA.  Learn more here.


Duck Nesting Project – We work in conjunction with the Tin Mountain Conservation Center to increase the nesting habitat for wood ducks and hooded and common mergansers on the lake.  Learn more here.

Living on the Lake – Everyone who lives on or near the lake has an impact on the quality of the lake.  We’ve assembled a list of suggestions of what you can do to minimize your impact as well as links to local and state regulations that protect the shoreline.  These regulations include rules on: building setbacks, excavations, docks, beaches, tree and brush cutting/trimming, walkways, septic systems, and the use of fertilizer.  Learn more here.

Resources – We’ve created a library of useful information for our volunteers and those that use the lake.  These include a series of updated maps of Conway Lake and its watershed created specifically for the CLCA, as well as links to useful guides and webinars. Learn more here.


What's New – Updates pertinent to the Association's activities and happenings on the lake are posted here.  Learn more here.

Some of the Other Things We Do:

  • Diver Inspections – We contract with a commercial diver who makes periodic inspections for invasive plants such as variable milfoil.

  • Maintain a Reserve Fund for AIS Mitigation should that be needed.

  • Legislation – Our team works with state and local officials to understand and update laws for shoreland protection.

  • Provide support for the Loon Preservation Committee and NH Lakes.

  • Hold an Annual Meeting each  August and invite guest speakers to discuss a variety of topics of interest to the Lake and the wildlife in, on, and around it.

  • Distribute a yearly newsletter to keep members informed.

For more information about joining Conway Lake Conservation Association,
or making a donation to help protect our lake click below.

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