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Patrolled Zones 2 and 3

Went on a solo patrol to put what I learned to the test! (Thanks Maria for a thorough training)!

I patrolled Zone 3 with a focus on Paige Brook and the Channel (3589, 3629, 3669, 3710, 3671, 3712, 3713, 3673, 3663, 3595, 3634, 3708, 3748, 3788, 3829, 3749) and Zone 2 along the north shore of the lake.

I didn't see anything unexpected but did see arrowhead, pickerelweed, pipewort, three-way sedge, floating hearts, watershields, white, yellow and pink water lily, bladderwort, native milfoil, tape grass, water naiad, and aquatic moss!

The non-plant life was also ample as I paddle boarded along - I saw a large snapping turtle and a few smaller ones, a beautiful blue heron, a family of loons, red mites, and many fresh water mussels.

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