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Looking so clean

Posting for John Edgerton, on July 11, he patrolled north all of Zone 6 to the bottom of Zone 5 (around south sides of the Thorne islands) and then back south to the very top of Zone 7 (around Gull Rock and Ladies of the mist.) He was struck by the lack of abundant plant growth that he had expected to be there. But all the better that he saw no sign of any strange (and possibly invasive) plants either.

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Never too late to post!

Reporting for Julie Hoyt …. On July 4th she described the usual route she follows when patrolling. She goes from almost the top of zone 4 (her parents’ home is at # 3468) and continues to just about

absolutely beautiful until that storm moved in fast.

I started out to look at zone two. Having great time in the sunshine and seeing all good plants. I got through grid 3626-3628 and 3585-3587 when that storm blew in fast. I had two kayakers take cove