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Last Haul, for now

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

On Sept 25th I ventured on what is probably the last patrol outside zone 7 where my home is located. I wanted to take on what Don had reported were sections of the lake not yet reported on this season.

Of Note: Although I left before noon with beautiful weather conditions the sun could not offer the direct light into the depths of the water that we had earlier in the summer when it sits higher in the sky. So I took advantage of the sun’s lower angle in the east and from the corner of zone 7 and 8 I struck out west across the lake and went to the cove right above Ship Island (grids 2016, 1975, 1976, 1935, 1836 +1896) in zone 15. I continued south through zone 14 and into 13. Right opposite the lowest point on the east shore opposite the bottom of Mayo Point I crossed over and rounded the point to head down into zone 9, continued around Near Isle and stopped at grid 856 . At that point I crossed back to the east side of 9 and headed back home along the shore. Usually the sun can offer good visibility along the eastern shore during the afternoon hours but it just couldn't be at this time of the season.

There were no growths that were worrisome anywhere. A lot of algae sitting on tired native plants. And there were small sightings of new native plant growth here and there. Found some ole bright red Water mites still floating here and there along with me too. Made me smile.

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