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How to Patrol - What's in Your Patrol Bag

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Below is a list of suggested items to have in your kayak/canoe/boat or paddle board when you patrol. Reach out to Maria or Don if you have questions.

* Patrol Vest To wear on your person while you patrol. Signals a key CLCA

priority to all lakeshore residents and visitors.

* Personal flotation device

* Maps: of the lake with all zones + your zone(s) with the grid overlay.

Download off of AIS Blog (maps link.)

* 2 x yellow/orange Foam Noodles with 10-15ft of thin rope. Attach a 4oz weight.

* 2x Small stiff plastic orange flags with written message—

“Do not remove … Possible invasive weed”

* Polaroid sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen, small towel

* Both sets of Plant ID sheets (Conway Lake Native plants + Invasive

potentials.) PLUS the quick guide to Similar Looking Native and

Invasive Aquatic Plants

* Camera (on your cell phone):

o To keep a record of new plant/animal findings

o To record site with GPS app (SOLOCATOR) w/embedded lat/longs

o To download WIX app for any AIS Blog references at your fingertips.

o Have a waterproof bag or Ziplock for camera

* DES sample bag +/or use Ziplock bags. Felt marker for labeling.

* White trays and/or tennis ball containers to better examine and photograph

samples you've collected.

* Small coin or something for size contrast with sample you are photographing.

* “Reacher/grabber tool” approx. 32" length, foldable, with flat tips or

suction tips to collect any plants just out of arm’s reach.

* Pocket knife or scissors for better plant ID. Allows cross sections for closer

viewing of plant leaves and their formations.

* Magnification (5x or 10x are recommended) to see unique flowers or leaf


* Small net (like one often used for a fish bowl) to collect any floating plant

fragments stirred up by your activity. This is a precautionary move in case

your sample is an invasive weed.

* Pens and Post-it pads for field notes (use water resistant ink)

REFERENCES AT HOME for in-depth plant and habitat descriptions

*** NH DES Aquatic Plant and Algae book

*** Maine Field Guide of Invasive Plants

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