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Littoral Zone - Conway Lake

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

This map shows the extent of the littoral zone in Conway Lake. The littoral zone is the nearshore area of a lake in which light penetration to the lake bottom is sufficient to support photosynthesis and aquatic plant growth. For the lakes of this region that commonly corresponds to water depths less than 15 feet. While we focus on the very shallow portions of the littoral zone in our patrols, it is important to remember that invasive plants can grow from greater depths towards the surface.

The littoral zone often shows strong zonation with emergent plants such as burr-reeds, three-way sedge and spike rushes closest to shore. Beyond them are rooted floating-leaf plants such as the yellow and white water lilies. Rooted submerged plants can be found within this zone and extending out to the deeper limits of the littoral zone. (Credit - Aquatic Plants of Pennsylvania)

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