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Learning the weeds…

I have gotten out twice in the last few days to patrol and identify the common species to Conway Lake. Covered Scribner Point (in zone 2) and Andrews Point (in Zone 17). Since I am new to this patrol I’m mainly familiarizing myself with the common plants here. The emergent and floating plants are fairly easy to identify, and saw lots of yellow and white water lilies, floating hearts, floating pondweed, pipewort, spike rush, pickerelweed, and arrowhead. The submerged plants for me are harder to identify, and more “training” with Maria and/or Don will be helpful!

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11 août 2021

Barb! That was great to read about! Thanks for reporting.

Don and I are ready to train and patrol with you however many times you feel you need. (This holds true for anyone reading this.) Contact either one of us the next time you're ready to go out and we can make it happen.

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