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Just Beginning

Patrolled almost all of Zone 7 on sunny Monday, July 5th from grid 1833 all the way out to the channel marker beyond Gull Rock.

In and around Deans’ cove is a growing number of Water shields, Floating hearts, white + pink + yellow Water Lilies, many trailing Tape grass tips and some very pretty Ribbon Leaf pondweed.

Filamentous algae everywhere along the bottom of the lake floor and clinging to a good number of pipeworts. Caught sight of growing Bladderworts with bright green “furry” heads poking through the lake floor’s algae. This year grids 1874 + 1834 appear to have more of the dark aquatic moss (Fontinalis) stuck to the rocks and the lake floor than I remember seeing last year. Neat to see the very kelly-green Freshwater sponge again (as last year) on several boulders in grid 2033. It’s so pretty out there!

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